Coach Herm Edwards said when he saw the how the Texans played in the first half Sunday he thought "I'd put him in." He added from the get go, like most of us, he knew Deshaun would eventually be starting this season. 

As far as Deshaun Watson being the starter going forward, Edwards said a lot of rookie QBs are more ready to play than we really anticipate. He added that a coach should be willing to tweak their offense to work around a rookie's talents to make the player and the team more successful. 

Edwards also reflected on his time spent with Deshaun Watson when he coached him in the Under Armour All American High School Game. He compared him to Jameis Winston saying they may have different personalities, but they are both certainly leaders. "It's not too big for him," Edwards said of Deshaun being in the spotlight and leading an NFL team. 

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