Warren Moon joined The Josh Innes Show and gave his thoughts on what he saw from the Texans Sunday. He said he understands why Bill O'Brien made the switch at the half, adding that Deshaun Watson's mobility might have provided a spark for the struggling offense. 

However, Moon says when it comes down to Thursday he'd roll with Savage again. 

"I still think you should go with Tom Savage one more time and see if he can turn things around," Moon said. He feels if Deshaun isn't 100% healthy you shouldn't put him out there. (Watson is dealing with an ankle injury) Moon adds, one of the reasons you would go with Watson is for his mobility but if he’s not healthy he could make the injury even worse. Moon also brought up that going out on the road and not playing well could destroy Watson's confidence. 

Listen to the entire talk with Warren Moon here: