Jerry Jones is not going to find a taker for Tony Romo on the trade market. We all know this. It’s a matter of when, not if, the Pro Bowl Quarterback will hit the open market. The Broncos and Texans have been the two teams mentioned most when it comes to potential landing spots for Romo. This is not news. We see varying reports that the Broncos are comfortable at QB, but I think we all can agree that is just part of a bigger cat and mouse game. The conjecture seemingly always revolves around which teams want Tony Romo, not what teams Tony Romo wants. Well, according to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, Tony wants Houston. Breer appeared on “The Jason McIntyre Show” and dropped this little nugget:

"Romo, if he had his choice right now, his number one choice would be Houston," said Breer. "Bill O'Brien and that staff, they view Tony Romo as a system fit, because he played in their system under Bill Parcells the first four years of his career. They've got a "win-now" roster."

If this is true it bodes well for the Texans when Romo hits the open market.  I’m a proud Romo-Sexual and have been pleading for the Texans to make a push for him for months. If Romo wants Houston then Houston should want Romo and this should be a fun year.